If you have never thought about self storage before then learning how it all works and getting the best value for money from it, is going to be daunting at best. Because of this we have put together a brief list of various tips from moving lists to how to pack your goods in storage to what the best merchandise is to use.

It is worth taking the time to read through as there will be at least two or three important things that we guarantee you won’t have thought of. The links below can be used to bring up the relevant sections and if you have any questions, then please let us know.

Storage Move In Checklist

Before moving into a StoreWise centre there are a few things you’ll need to organise to make the ‘move in’ quick and as worry free as possible. These are;

Insurance Cover

Your goods must be insured to their ‘true new replacement value’ for the complete duration of your storage period. You will need to let us know the value of your goods, to the nearest thousand pounds so we can arrange insurance at a small extra cost.


When you move in to your storage unit you will need to provide two forms of identification.

1.  Photographic ID such as a Passport or Drivers Licence

2.  Proof of Address in the form of a bank statement or utility bill not older than 3 months

Credit/Debit Card Payments

Your initial rental payment and security deposit needs to be provided via credit or debit card. We are unable to take initial payments by cash.

If you then wish to have your card automatically debited on the first of each month for your rental fees, then we will need to have your card details held securely on our storage management system.

Direct Debit Payments

You will need to give us your bank account details if you wish to pay by Direct Debit. There is also an online ‘Direct Debit’ form that you can use to change your payment method to Direct Debit.

Emergency Contact Details

As well as taking your full contact details we will also need to have an alternative contact name, address and telephone number in case of an emergency.

Secure Padlock

You are the only keyholder to you space at StoreWise, which is secured by a padlock. We have padlocks available to purchase at reception which we feel represent excellent value for money providing security and peace of mind.

Packing Tips

To help your packing go much easier and prtect your goods whilst in storage, make note of these simple tips.
Start by putting together a ‘Portable Packing Kit’, with a marker pen, parcel tape, labels and scissors
Make sure you have the right number of boxes to hand, in a variety of sizes
Use protective wrap on your delicate belongings – it’s the best way to stop scratches, dents or breakages
Stack plates on their sides and use acid free tissue paper to wrap them individually
Drain fridge freezers and washing machines two days before storage. Make sure these items are stored with the doors wedged open
Always pack bedding in boxes to prevent moisture damage from ‘sweating’ that can sometimes build up in plastic bags. You can use our special wardrobe box to store clothes whilst still on their hangers to prevent creasing of suits and dresses.
Chair legs and furniture corners are easy to protect but expensive to repair – wrap them in corrugated card for best protection
Clean all outside tools and equipment thoroughly before putting them into storage
Make sure you don’t pack away the essentials, like the loo roll, mugs, milk, tea, the coffee and the kettle!

Get The Most From Your Storage

At StoreWise our staff are always available to help and advise you on the best way to get the most out of your storage unit. They can answer any questions or ease any concerns that you may have in particular on the best way to store certain items. the following information will help you get the most from your storage unit.
Please let staff know some general information about the items to be stored when reserving your unit. They’ll be able to advise on the right amount of space and also make sure you’re not storing items unfit for self storage.
Make sure you value your goods correctly, so we can provide you with the right levels of insurance cover.
Identify your heaviest and most full boxes and place these with your bulky items in first.
Clearly identify boxes containing fragile items and make sure the labels can be easily seen from the front.
Storing sofas and mattresses on end and stacking chairs pad-to-pad will help you to minimise the amount of space you need. Ask our staff for advice.
Stack your boxes maximising your space from the back of the unit and fill your space methodically towards the front. Don’t forget to use single items for filling the odd gap as you go.
Secure your unit with a padlock. We have a choice for you to buy in our receptions or online for our unmanned storage centres.
If you have hired a van from us then please clean it out, diesel it up to full and return it by the agreed time.

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