At StoreWise, ensuring that your possessions are safe is a major priority. Our staff are trained to monitor and react to any irregular or suspicious activity in or around the site. All new customers are photographed and need to provide relevant identification before they can start storing with us. Cash payment is not accepted for the initial transaction in order to provide a traceable source of payment for new customers.

Every storage unit will need to be safely padlocked, the customer will hold the key to that lock. If customers prefer to provide their own locks they must meet the robust standards required by StoreWise.

StoreWise offers unrestricted 24 hour access to the site. Regardless of your intended use be it personal or business. You can come and go as freely as you require or to meet your business needs. Our security service can be summarised as the following:

  • CCTV covering the main access point to the storage area and is constantly monitored throughout the day
  • Staff walk-around before reception opens and closes
  • Daily store patrols by staff
  • Licence terms & conditions
  • Requirement for customer ID and proof of address
  • Customer photographs

If you have any security related questions or any other queries, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team on 0800 2761284 (Poole) or 0800 2761281 (Kirkby), they’ll be more than happy to help.